Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hair Day

Today was my first hair experience here in Orlando. I was way overdue for some highlights and a cut and was excited to try out a hip, new place in College Park recommended by my friend G's sister. Not a great first impression when I walked in and not one of the stylists so much as turned her head in my direction, and it took at least five minutes for someone to come out of the back room and greet me. Okay, I could get over that. But then it took almost 25 MINUTES before the stylist even came to get me. I was livid!!!! I would have walked out, but I needed this done soo badly and couldn't think of anytime in the near future that it would have been possible. So I sat there seething, and then up she bounced the sweetest, little pixiest girl who appeared to be no more than 12 in her tube top and Chuck Taylors. And she has two kids--one 4 and one 1. And my anger melted away.

Until....she passed me off to her assistant for most of the work while she juggled three other customers, and I ended up with stripey highlights and a cut I'm not so sure about. And when it came time to tip I decided that no matter how sweet she was I was NOT going to tip 20 percent. She still got about 10 percent, which I was okay with. But really, service like that shouldn't get anything, right? but like i said she as sweet and has kids, and, basically I'm a wimp.

After that, I went to the one and only Whole Foods in the area, which is way too small and WAY too crowded with everyone in this area who's trying to get healthy without a whole lot of options. It's crazy there, but also makes me feel somewhat at home.

We decided to wait on mass until the morning and ended up at the Florida mall--a little sketchy driving there and parking, but a nice enough mall once we got there. My husband got a shirt at Sak's on sale; and I got some Keihl's moisturizer--since someone stole my other moisturizer at the gym!!!! We had a nice dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, and saw a crazy store with real surfers and this surfing machine in it.

Foodwise I did pretty well today--Kashi cereal for breakfast; whole wheat pasta with some cheese and garlic salt for lunch, and a big chopped salad for dinner. not great, but not bad. Wine of course. going to shoot for three days this week with no wine. I am going to get thin!!!

That's about it. A nice day over all. Tomorrow--church in the morning and out with our realtor in the evening.

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