Monday, December 31, 2007

Craziest Trip Ever--part one

Seriously, I can't even begin to express just how crazy our trip to and from Telluride was. I don't know where to start, except possibly with the fact that Great Lakes airlines is the WORST airline--actually perhaps the worst business--I have EVER encountered. I can't warn you enough to RUN from this airline, do NOT fly them, ever. I seriously can't believe they are even in business. Alright, already I'm off on a tangent, so I should just start from the beginning.

We left our house at 7 a.m. last Wednesday morning planning to arrive in Telluride at 3 p.m. After a wonderful flight on the amazingly competent Frontier Airlines (who even still serves snacks and has sattelite television in every seat) we arrived in Denver for the remaining 1 hour flight into Telluride.

Delay after delay after delay (with virtually NO updates from the airline) and we're advised that we won't be seeing Telluride that night. Instead we're shuttled off to a hotel. They lose our luggage for hours; we have no coats; Denver is freezing, etc., etc. And we still have no idea why our flight was cancelled. But we feel very fortunate to have acquired a few of the limited seats on a flight out in the morning.

So the next morning we arrive at the airport ready to go, taking it all in stride UNTIL we go to check in and they say they have NO reservation for us. They put us on another flight (btw, this airline doesn't seem to use computers, they do everything by freakin' hand--even our luggage tags). In apology she gives us a "special" stamp on our tickets that's supposed to let us sail through security. Instead we get sent through the puffer machines and a line that's about four times as long as the regular one. Thanks.

We run to our gate, worried we would miss our flight. We should have saved our breath because first of all, when we got there, they said they didn't have our reservation!!! Seriously. We told them what had just happened, they said, no we weren't on it, but luckily they found seats for us.

Then we were delayed and delayed and delayed again--with no explanation at all. And then once we were finally boarding the plane--we find out we're not even going to freaking Telluride!!! We are instead being diverted to Grand Junction, Colorado (again no explanation why) where we will board a bus crammed with 20 or so other people for a 3-hour ride to telluride--actually about 4 hours with a stop at Wendy's. Keep in mind we have a 4-year-old with us--who was absolutely an angel thank goodness or I would have lost it.

We finally arrived in Telluride about 36 hours after we left our house.

There is so, so much more to this story, but frankly, my blood pressure is rising just typing this, so I think I need to continue tomorrow. But please tune in again to hear about the highlight of my trip--an amazing celebrity encounter--as well as the un-freakin'-believable trip home.

I hope you are all out having a wonderful, crazy time on New Year's Eve. Me? I'm going to catch up on all of your blogs and probably be asleep long before the clock stops 12. Because, if you didn't know, we were scheduled to get home yesterday, but when did I get home? Just a few hours ago.

More to come.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have all had a wonderful day!

Ours was lovely. It was the first Christmas in a long time where I felt good about the restrtaint I showed. PB just didn't need that much. He has way too much, which I realized very vividly as the moving trucks unloaded and unloaded and unloaded and unloaded boxes marked "Toys".

And as I found myself repeatedly wandering the aisels of toys stores not seeing anything new that he didn't have or that I didn't think he would love, I just decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to buy him things just to buy them. We got him a few things, Santa got him a few, other relatives got him a few, and it all ended up to be just enough. Seriously, in years past we (I) have gone crazy, but I feel good about this year. So did he.

And I showed restraint on the food front too. I didn't cook eight kinds of vegetables, three versions of potatoes and six desserts. I kept it simple, but good. (The goat cheese scalloped potatoes were amazing!)The fact that we're flying out tomorrow morning helped, but it was a good lesson for me. I don't always need to go over and above, sometimes less is just fine. And no one misses it.

We're all packed and ready to head out tomorrow. It's going to be cold, but fun. I'm hoping to stay offline the whole time and just enjoy Telluride. But we'll see...the pull of the internet and blogosphere are awfully strong.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Checking in

I've been a bad blogger, as several friends have reminded me. But really, does any one have time to read blogs this time of year?

Anyway, it's been a very busy, yet very good week. I've gotten tons done, and feel pretty prepared for Christmas and our Colorado trip the following day. I have a menu planned, groceries purchased, presents selected, winter clothes located ,and I've done it all in 75-plus-degree weather, which I just have to say once again--RULES! No coats to carry, no muddy, snowy shoes to deal with, no frozen body parts. just flip flops, a tank top and sunshine. Why doesn't New York move here, seriously?!

Today I ran six miles and felt so great. I didn't anticipate it to be either that long or that strong of a run since it had been about a week since I'd done any exercise, but wow, it was. I thought the wine and champagne I consumed last night during our first ever dinner party at our new house would slow me down, but they didn't. In fact, I think all of the carbs I consumed actually helped. I guess that's why carb loading is such a standard practice. hmm, just what I need---more justification for chips and guac!

While it still needs work in the painting/decorating department, I feel like our new house is coming together. And I love it. It feels like such a good place for us--the neighborhood, the location, everything. But then I got a $300 energy bill for our house back in Washington, and I'm thrown into a spiral of depression thinking of the thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars we're throwing out the window on that mortgage, the upkeep, etc. Seriously, I can't believe we're entering 2008 without a single offer.

But back to the positive, PB has been an absolute joy and has just played and played by himself for hours at a time. We've also had some really fun times playing games together, but man does that child have a competitive streak. We're really working on being a good loser, but it's a hard, hard lesson for him. His lip is healing nicely and he's cracking me up all the time with these crazy stories and philosophies of life. He's so excited for Christmas. Although the two things he's been saying he wants ALL YEAR LONG--he will NOT waiver in these--are a pogo stick (hell no for a 4-year-old, especially one who recently got stitches) and a hang glider (a toy one will NOT do--he wants one to sail over swamps, marshes and such). So needless to say, there will be no Christmas wishes coming true for him. Santa will, I'm sure, however provide a note explaining why those aren't safe choices and that he selected some other choices he hopes PB will like.

And in typical me fashion, I stress and stress about things and then finish WAY before the deadline. So the next two days should be pretty relaxed. I have a few presents to wrap, a neighborhood Christmas party tomorrow afternoon and a few last minute items, but really, I'm just looking forward to hanging out, sleeping in, playing games, watching Christmas specials and drinking wine and champagne :) I wish you all could join me in person!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

At last

No, we didn't sell our house. If that's what you were thinking when you read this title. I did, but I'm frankly just too tired to think of another one.

I was thinking more along the lines of at last, I'm updating my blog. And at last it's beginning to feel like Christmas, as the onsalught of baking, shopping, wrapping really just started for me, oh, about today.

So let me back up a bit. The wedding was great. PB's cold was hideous on the way there, and I really thought they might ask us to get off. We were getting so many dirty looks as he hacked his way there. We went through at least 852 tissues.

But we made it, and little by little the cold got better. But not much. He still has it, though we're down to only about 175 tissue a day now. He got the stitches out yesterday, which wasn't as painless as we thought. But he's looking pretty good now.

He made it down the aisle as the ringbearer and all in all did a great job. But he was scared, and there were a few tears rolling down his cheeks as the usher helped him down the aisle. He did a great job with pictures and gave great big smiles. And I've never laughed as hard in my life as I did watching him dance with another little 4-year-old boy at the reception. I think they danced 2.5 hours straight--hard and fast. It was hysterical.

Upon landing back in Florida I realized that Christmas was only about a week ago. I have a dinner party to host Friday night, a job interview tomorrow (more about that later, but really who has interviews the week before Christmas?!)and I'm the parent helper for PB's class Christmas party tomorrow afternoon. I don't have a suit, so I've cobbled together a passable outfit...I think. Are scarfs in AT ALL? I hope so, or maybe I'll pretend they're coming back, because I'm wearing one tomorrow. At least the job isn't in the fashion industry, or I definitely wouldn't be getting an offer.

And, did I mention, I haven't even started my Christmas cards?!!! I LOVE Christmas cards, and usually have them done by June. This year, I don't even have a picture I want to use, much less anything printed, stamped or addressed.

Okay, enough babbling. I think it's all the sugar I've consumed. I made about 12 dozen (a dozen dozen!) chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls and 3 pounds of fudge tonight. I still have cookies to make, etc., etc.

But don't we all. 'Tis the season...and though I like to complain, I actually love it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh the Day We've Had

I could write so much right now, but I'm just going to give all the dirty details because I'm physically and emotionally exhausted from this day.

But here's some of it:

I picked PB up from preschool today around 2. We usually stay and play and run around with his friends. We did the same today, although today he ran smack into a pole. There was lots of blood, lots of screams. He split open his mouth--the skin between the nose and the lip with a big, deep gash. There's some damage to his teeth and his chin has a big bruise.

We already had a doctor's appointment because I had wanted to get his ears checked before our flight tomorrow--he's really prone to ear infections and has had a cold. So we got there a bit early, showed them the bleeding and they got us in right away.

So now to add to the list of ailments, he has a fever of 101.5, the beginnings of an ear infection and a horrible cough. The doctor decides a plastic surgeon needs to sew up the lip, and becuase we're flying to my brother's wedding tomorrow, it has to be done tongiht. We thankfully find one willing to work us in. Well, work us in meant, us getting there at 5 and not leaving until almost 8 p.m.

The stitches were nothing short of awful. Actually it was the numbing shot that was so bad. He screamed and fought as I cried and sobbed. Thank God my husband was there too. i know parents handle this stuff all time (and much, much worse), but God, It's hard. It's so hard to see your baby hurting and wanting you to stop it.

So I really need to go pack (because all of what I was supposed to get done this afternoon like buying a wedding present, packing, etc., etc. has not been done.) But the net of is he's going to be swollen, black and blue and stitched for all the wedding pictures. He's going to cranky from the antibiotics for the ear infection, and we're all going to be tired, because it's just been one of those days.

But we'll make the best of it. Because it's my brother's wedding. And I found a really great dress to wear!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great Gift

So, my friend Chele's Tales posted about this device that allows you to recieve e-mails and photos without ever having to log onto a computer. I passed along the information to my mother who in turn decided with her brothers and sisters to get one for my grandmother who is in an assited living program.

I can't tell you how much she loves it! It's such a great idea for anyone you want to keep in touch with who isn't technologicaly savvy. Now all day any of her grandchildren, children, friends etc. can send her messages and pictures and she just picks them up and reads them.

So in case you have anyone on your list that might like this, I wanted to put in a plug. It has made my grandmother very happy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

New Crush

I think I may actually like Brody even more than Jason.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, please disregard. You would think so much less of me to know that I think about things like this.

To those who do know, I bet you are so incredibly proud of me!

Hint: an MTV reality show is involved.

P.S. to my credit, you should also know that I did not like Justin Bobby one bit!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Things are just good.

I feel like I've been taking happy pills lately. Okay, besides my drunken crying fit last weekend (sorry g!), I've just been feeling great for the past couple of weeks. And that's despite the huge black cloud of our house STILL not selling!

Maybe it's the weather. I don't know. It does freak me out that it's 85 and sunny here, while my parents in Nebraska are at 2 plus zero!!! On the downside, it really doesn't feel like Christmas here, but we're doing our own things to make it feel like the season. And really, I just don't need the snow. Ever.

I mapped out and ran a new 6 mile course today. It was such a great, great run. I'm telling you, I can't believe how much I was missing without an ipod (or any music source) before. There's a park about 3 miles from my house. Then there's a lake at the park that's 1/2 mile around. So it should be easy for me to build my mileage my increasing laps around the lake.

PB is cracking me up lately. Last night he told me "You're out of your mind mommy" when I asked him to do something. And remember how I told you we're working on not starting sentences with "I want" and instead using "may I please," or other. Well last night in church when he wanted to leave, he stated very loudly "May I PLEASE leave church now." (sigh) He's also very sweet a lot of the time and cuddly. And he just loves his friends.

On Friday we had our first playdate here at our new house. He and his best friend C. had so much fun together. His mom is becoming a good friend of mine, which is funny because I didn't see that potential in the beginning really. We seemed really different, but really we have so much in common. So that's nice.

This week is going to be a blur as I run around doing errands, getting ready for Texas, and I still haven't figured out what I'm wearing to my brother's wedding! I've purchased three dresses, but not sure any are right. The last one I bought I think will work, but i need shoes. I know just where to go--my friend G's boutique. I've worked there several times over the past couple of weeks, and it's so fun! Plus, I got my first paycheck, which almost paid for my purchases that day :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I'm so angry at CNN's coverage of the killings in Omaha. Did they not learn anything from the Virginia Tech incident and the backlash of the public who wanted the lives of the victims honored rather than that of the killer? I just went to, and I can't even find the names of the victims (and I know they've been released), much less anything about who they were or what their lives were like.

Yet intimate details of the killer's life are there. And it's exactly what he wanted--his suicide note said at least now he'd be famous. How many others out there are going to see that this method works if you're depressed and seeking fame?

I'm not saying we don't want to/need to see some of that, but my God, please, please provide some balance. Perhaps other media outlets are doing a better job, but certainly isn't...and yes, I already sent them a letter.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I can't believe this happened. People shot in a mall in my homestate. In a mall I've shopped at countless times.

I'm scared to see the names of those killed released; scared someone I know will be among them.

Ever since moving to the Orlando area, I've been really scared of the crime. I can't really watch the local news because it terrifies me. We moved to a guarded community for a reason. But really, you can't ever be safe. Because as you're Christmas shopping, some crazy, depressed, sad, sick teenager can just open up and end your life.

I can't comprehend this. I can't think about it too much. So I'll pray. For the families of those killed and for the family of the killer. Even for the killer, because I can't imagine how awful life must have been for him to ever do something this awful.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

In Love

I'm in love with my new ipod. I can't tell you how much more fun it is to run with music than just the sounds of traffic. The only thing that's hard is I have to try REALLY hard to keep myself from singing.

Since we moved in two weeks ago, my workout sessions have been few and far between--a couple of classes at the gym and that's about it. I've had too many errands to run, Christmas things to do, etc. But today, the weather was gorgeous, and I made time. I only went three miles, but felt like I could have gone 30. The music is a great motivator for me. I'm going to download more songs tonight!

So much to do between now and next week when we leave for Texas, and before Christmas, and before we leave for Telluride. And we're still not compltely unpacked, and I'm hosting Christmas dinner at our house. ARGHHH!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


One thing this weekend taught me is that I'm much, much too told to drink like I used to. I've been dragging all day today. Unfortunately, I seem to keep forgetting this lesson and have to relearn it over and over.

Last night was the grand opening party for my friend G's clothing boutique. It's such a great store, filled with beautiful things, and I'm so proud of her! We started with champagne and wine during a late lunch and continued our partying well into the night.It was a lot of fun, and almost worth the headache I had this morning.

Yesterday morning was PB's Christmas festival. It was really fun. I ran around helping with this and that, but he had a great time hanging out with his friends and my husband. He even sat on santa's lap for the first time ever without shrieking in fear. He looks concerned in the picutres, but there are no tears.

Today was a nice, lazy day. The weather was gorgeous, and we just ran some errands, played outside and got some stuff done around here. We've met quite a few of our neighbors, and it's so nice to just go outside and chat with them, etc. We didn't have that in our last neighborhood--primarily because the houses were so far apart. This feels like a community.

Lots more I could say about everything, but right now I'm just so sleepy. So i'm going to sleep...