Monday, July 30, 2007

Moving On

Our first 30 days are up. Tomorrow we're moving from one corporate apartment to the next. We have 30 more days, and then we have to pay mortgage AND rent--goodbye savings. I really can't believe our house hasn't sold yet. It's a great house, a beautiful house. Why doesn't someone want it?
I'm trying best to remain positive and am doing a good job, for the most part. But then there's that part of me that just wants to get settled NOW. Wants some financial security NOW. I guess the important thing is to just make the best of everyday no matter what our circumstances. easier said than done of course.
i had great gym time today--ran 3 miles at between 9-10 mile pace. did a few weights and abs. eating was semi successful until I let X pick out a dessert at the grocery store. He chose a chocolate frosted brownie with m&ms on top. it was so big that I just cut it into four and gave him one of the squares. Of course, i ended up eating the other three, along with a few glasses of wine to ease the tension of the move. at least as we're homeless tomorrow, I'll get in another good workout hopefully.

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