Sunday, August 31, 2008

Needless Worry

I'm not sure why I was so stressed about not being stressed enough this weekend--so far it's been great. Yesterday we went to Kennedy Space Center and had a great time--it's incredible there, so inspiring and amazing and PB loved. We then headed to Cocoa Beach and had some quite good, non-chain Mexican food (I just can't get enough!)and didn't get home until late. And the rest of the weekend is filed to the brim with friends coming over tomorrow and other random get togethers today. Soon I'll be wishing for the weekend again. Note to self: find a way to fit in some exercise tomorrow!

In other random news, I made a "rasberry buckle" today with fresh whipped cream for some guests, and it was really good! let me know if you want the recipe.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Too busy or bored

I swear I'm always one or the other--crazy, insane busy or bored out of my skull. How anyone with my job that consumes more hours than I can count in addition taking care of a husband, son and house, not to mention growing a baby, can ever be bored, I'm not sure. But sometimes I am. Or rather when I think about long spans of time without activities filling them, I start to panic.

This three-day weekend for example--sure we have a party to go to, sure we're probably go the inlaws and we may hit Kennedy Space Center, but that's it. And it's making me crazy trying to think of things we can DO. I hate idle time, and I'm sure it will fill quickly. But right now instead of being thrilled to have this three-day weekend to leisurely read, hang out by the pool, workout and get errands done, I'm instead lamenting the fact that I didn't plan a party here or plan a beach getaway or something. Tonight is taken care of; we're going to watch 21. It's been so long since I've watched a movie, becuase I'm always too busy. I know, I know ... but this sounds perfect for tonight, if only I could have a glass of wine while I watch.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

swedish fish

are sitting like lead rocks in my stomach. The woman in front of me said "oh, get some swedish fish" to her daughter, and all of a sudden I HAD to have some. I haven't had any in probably five years, and I probably won't for another five--ugh! What's in those things?

So as you can see I'm fairly consumed by food lately. I had Chipoltle's for lunch, and it was soo good. I wish I could give the fish back.

My stomach is getting bigger and bigger, but luckily I haven't gained too much weight. I think seven pounds total, and since I'm 19 weeks, I'm calling that pretty good.

Yesterday was a crazy hectic day, and I was exhausted. Besides the fish, I'm feeling much better today--the miracles of good sleep!

PB is such a big boy off to his new school, and so cute in his little uniform! Dropoffs in the morning are hard and he cries--i think because it's the first time I can't walk him in--I just have to drop him off. But today was great, because we carpooled with the little girl across the streeet, and he just hopped out and ran off with her. So that's our magic ticket--we'll take her everyday she'll let us.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Addiction

so i've been solely supporting the Chipolte's in my area with my pregnancy cravings. Seriously,I go there ALL THE TIME. spicy beef tacos are often the only thing that sounds good, and I eat them at least 5-6 times a week (hanging head in embarassment).

but today on a whim I picked up two of little single serving cheese enchilada meals at Whole Foods--they're the Whole Kitchen brand. OMG,I'm in love. I ate both boxes I bought just for dinner. I'm definitely going to have to go back tomorrow. They are organic after all. I swear this baby--did I mention it's a girl?--is going to come out demanding Mexican food, and it sucks becuase there is a SERIOUS lack of decent Mexican food in this area!

More on my pregnancy Redhead momma soon I promise!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We've been super busy lately, so this weekend we made no real plans. After sleeping in Saturday morning, I got the idea that we really should head down to Epcot. It was an expensive decision ($200 for the three of us, even with a Florida discount) but one I thought would be worth it. Turns out not so much.

Lots of rain, waiting in line for 40 minutes for the Test Track, only to be next and then have the skies open up and ruin our chances of riding. Getting up to the space ride (PB is obsessed with space and was so excited for that one) only to find out he had to be 44 inches tall (he's only 42 inches, which is what MOST of the rides require) and the restaurant in Mexico we REALLY wanted to eat at--not a chance, as we didn't think to make reservations (stupid I know). And did I mention the rain, on and off all day, making for a soggy day. On the positive side, we didn't have to deal with the heat. Oh well, it was an adventure...albeit an expensive one.

Today was church, errands and some work. Speaking of which I need to get back to it!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is anyone still out there?

talk about blog lags. a LOT has happened since my last post.

I took a freelance job that i LOVE, but is consuming every single free minute I get.

That plus, I'm PREGNANT!!

I'm so jealous of all these mommy bloggers and keep kicking myself for not keeping up with my own, so here I go again.

I certainly have tons to write about. If anyone is still out there, I promise I'll try to be more regular!