Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's Official

I'm officially a soccer mom.

Practice starts Sunday. Today we bought PB little cleats, shin guards, socks (UGLY socks that go OVER the shin guards--Wes, can that be right?) and a ball. His first game is next Friday. We'll see how it goes.

I come from an incredibly athletic family, so I'm hoping that PB gets some of that talent that skipped me--so far he's been much more interested in books than balls, but we'll see. I think sports are great for kids (and adults!) so I hope he finds at least one that likes and sticks with.

I will state for the record, that I will not be driving to his soccer games in a mini van...okay, it's a station wagon, not much better I know. (Actually, I have no problem with mini vans--besides the gas they guzzle--if it makes life easier then who cares. I'm not a car person anyway.) but I don't have a mom hair cut! Unless you're talking about the moms on Desperate Housewives...

I had a much needed "me" day today and feel recharged. My me day consisted of me going to the mall and walking around, browsing, trying on clothes, perfumes and makeup. Then for lunch--a big old cup of Hagan Dazs yogurt while I sat on a bench, peacefully relaxing and people watching.

Then THUD! Some stupid lady comes and sits down right next to me. It wasn't a big bench and my bags and I were taking up two-thirds of it. There were plenty of other places to sit. SHE DID NOT NEED TO SIT ON MY BENCH. But she did, and in an angry huff, I stood and walked away. Mature, I know. But still.......


Wes said...

Yes, the socks go over the shinguards. It keeps the little tykes from getting cut on the edges (when they kick each other). Welcome to a small part of my world :-)

Manic Mom said...

What a stupid bitch--were there no other benches around? What a way to ruin your splendid sounding day!

What flavor ice cream?