Friday, February 29, 2008

Just so you know

Jumping up and down with a 12-pound medicine ball above your head--even for 40-second bursts--will cause IMMENSE pain the following day. Pain, as in asking your 4-year-old to just keep hitting your back (and legs because of the lunges--many, many lunges) as hard as he can with his fist, because it feels sort of good--like a little massage...or at least makes you forget temporarily about another part of your body that's throbbing.

I did a boot camp yesterday that has left me a hobbling mess today.

But that's okay...I think. It was a good class that ended in team relay races--complete with you sitting in line once you were done with your five laps. I felt like i was back in grade school P.E., but it was fun.

Besides my moaning and growning with each of my movements, today was a good day with a playdate, then some swimming, pizza night and catching up on some Tivo. Looking forward to a good weekend and hope you all have one too!


Wes said...

Boot camp scares me :-)

Whiskeymarie said...

Hope you had a good weekend! That exercise class both intrigues and frightens me...