Wednesday, August 27, 2008

swedish fish

are sitting like lead rocks in my stomach. The woman in front of me said "oh, get some swedish fish" to her daughter, and all of a sudden I HAD to have some. I haven't had any in probably five years, and I probably won't for another five--ugh! What's in those things?

So as you can see I'm fairly consumed by food lately. I had Chipoltle's for lunch, and it was soo good. I wish I could give the fish back.

My stomach is getting bigger and bigger, but luckily I haven't gained too much weight. I think seven pounds total, and since I'm 19 weeks, I'm calling that pretty good.

Yesterday was a crazy hectic day, and I was exhausted. Besides the fish, I'm feeling much better today--the miracles of good sleep!

PB is such a big boy off to his new school, and so cute in his little uniform! Dropoffs in the morning are hard and he cries--i think because it's the first time I can't walk him in--I just have to drop him off. But today was great, because we carpooled with the little girl across the streeet, and he just hopped out and ran off with her. So that's our magic ticket--we'll take her everyday she'll let us.


Manic Mom said...

YAY! You're back to blogging! What is up with the fish blogs lately--you, me and the other lady who we email with all the time (who's name is a month) also blogged about fish! hahahahahahahahah

CheleTales said...

mmm....Swedish Fish. Haven't had those in forever!

I can't believe PB is already off to school. Holy cats where has the time gone.