Friday, August 29, 2008

Too busy or bored

I swear I'm always one or the other--crazy, insane busy or bored out of my skull. How anyone with my job that consumes more hours than I can count in addition taking care of a husband, son and house, not to mention growing a baby, can ever be bored, I'm not sure. But sometimes I am. Or rather when I think about long spans of time without activities filling them, I start to panic.

This three-day weekend for example--sure we have a party to go to, sure we're probably go the inlaws and we may hit Kennedy Space Center, but that's it. And it's making me crazy trying to think of things we can DO. I hate idle time, and I'm sure it will fill quickly. But right now instead of being thrilled to have this three-day weekend to leisurely read, hang out by the pool, workout and get errands done, I'm instead lamenting the fact that I didn't plan a party here or plan a beach getaway or something. Tonight is taken care of; we're going to watch 21. It's been so long since I've watched a movie, becuase I'm always too busy. I know, I know ... but this sounds perfect for tonight, if only I could have a glass of wine while I watch.

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