Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Settling In Again

Yesterday was a tense day. I had cramps from hell; our apartment wasn't ready when it was supposed to be; no internet (got it this afternoon), etc. all the while I was trying to remain calm. I actually did a much better job than I thought I would--I did not rage at the man who was here until almost 7 p.m. setting it up when it was supposed to be move-in ready by 3:30. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective. I don't have a job; all I really need to do is keep my family and I as happy, healthy and nourished in all ways as possible. One of the ways to nourish is to diminish stress, and I need to start with myself. It's so great to not have my time split and to feel stressed and frazzled all the time. I'm thinking more and more of starting a novel.

Good workout yesterday, and pretty good one today--great considering I wasn't even planning on going. Food day okay--Kashi for breakfast (love it); lean cuisine pizza, couple chicken nuggets and three mini chocolate candies for lunch; handful of nuts for a snack; dinner will be homemade tacos with guac and fat free refried beans. maybe I'll try for no wine tonight...i just like it so much! off to swimming lessons.

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