Sunday, December 2, 2007


One thing this weekend taught me is that I'm much, much too told to drink like I used to. I've been dragging all day today. Unfortunately, I seem to keep forgetting this lesson and have to relearn it over and over.

Last night was the grand opening party for my friend G's clothing boutique. It's such a great store, filled with beautiful things, and I'm so proud of her! We started with champagne and wine during a late lunch and continued our partying well into the night.It was a lot of fun, and almost worth the headache I had this morning.

Yesterday morning was PB's Christmas festival. It was really fun. I ran around helping with this and that, but he had a great time hanging out with his friends and my husband. He even sat on santa's lap for the first time ever without shrieking in fear. He looks concerned in the picutres, but there are no tears.

Today was a nice, lazy day. The weather was gorgeous, and we just ran some errands, played outside and got some stuff done around here. We've met quite a few of our neighbors, and it's so nice to just go outside and chat with them, etc. We didn't have that in our last neighborhood--primarily because the houses were so far apart. This feels like a community.

Lots more I could say about everything, but right now I'm just so sleepy. So i'm going to sleep...

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She Likes Purple said...

Does your friend have a Web site for her boutique?