Saturday, December 8, 2007


Things are just good.

I feel like I've been taking happy pills lately. Okay, besides my drunken crying fit last weekend (sorry g!), I've just been feeling great for the past couple of weeks. And that's despite the huge black cloud of our house STILL not selling!

Maybe it's the weather. I don't know. It does freak me out that it's 85 and sunny here, while my parents in Nebraska are at 2 plus zero!!! On the downside, it really doesn't feel like Christmas here, but we're doing our own things to make it feel like the season. And really, I just don't need the snow. Ever.

I mapped out and ran a new 6 mile course today. It was such a great, great run. I'm telling you, I can't believe how much I was missing without an ipod (or any music source) before. There's a park about 3 miles from my house. Then there's a lake at the park that's 1/2 mile around. So it should be easy for me to build my mileage my increasing laps around the lake.

PB is cracking me up lately. Last night he told me "You're out of your mind mommy" when I asked him to do something. And remember how I told you we're working on not starting sentences with "I want" and instead using "may I please," or other. Well last night in church when he wanted to leave, he stated very loudly "May I PLEASE leave church now." (sigh) He's also very sweet a lot of the time and cuddly. And he just loves his friends.

On Friday we had our first playdate here at our new house. He and his best friend C. had so much fun together. His mom is becoming a good friend of mine, which is funny because I didn't see that potential in the beginning really. We seemed really different, but really we have so much in common. So that's nice.

This week is going to be a blur as I run around doing errands, getting ready for Texas, and I still haven't figured out what I'm wearing to my brother's wedding! I've purchased three dresses, but not sure any are right. The last one I bought I think will work, but i need shoes. I know just where to go--my friend G's boutique. I've worked there several times over the past couple of weeks, and it's so fun! Plus, I got my first paycheck, which almost paid for my purchases that day :)

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Wes said...

Have you guys thought about leasing the house? My situation was different as my house was 3 miles from the new one we bought, but the tenants ended up purchasing ours. Just a thought!!

PB sounds like a bright young man to me :-)