Monday, December 31, 2007

Craziest Trip Ever--part one

Seriously, I can't even begin to express just how crazy our trip to and from Telluride was. I don't know where to start, except possibly with the fact that Great Lakes airlines is the WORST airline--actually perhaps the worst business--I have EVER encountered. I can't warn you enough to RUN from this airline, do NOT fly them, ever. I seriously can't believe they are even in business. Alright, already I'm off on a tangent, so I should just start from the beginning.

We left our house at 7 a.m. last Wednesday morning planning to arrive in Telluride at 3 p.m. After a wonderful flight on the amazingly competent Frontier Airlines (who even still serves snacks and has sattelite television in every seat) we arrived in Denver for the remaining 1 hour flight into Telluride.

Delay after delay after delay (with virtually NO updates from the airline) and we're advised that we won't be seeing Telluride that night. Instead we're shuttled off to a hotel. They lose our luggage for hours; we have no coats; Denver is freezing, etc., etc. And we still have no idea why our flight was cancelled. But we feel very fortunate to have acquired a few of the limited seats on a flight out in the morning.

So the next morning we arrive at the airport ready to go, taking it all in stride UNTIL we go to check in and they say they have NO reservation for us. They put us on another flight (btw, this airline doesn't seem to use computers, they do everything by freakin' hand--even our luggage tags). In apology she gives us a "special" stamp on our tickets that's supposed to let us sail through security. Instead we get sent through the puffer machines and a line that's about four times as long as the regular one. Thanks.

We run to our gate, worried we would miss our flight. We should have saved our breath because first of all, when we got there, they said they didn't have our reservation!!! Seriously. We told them what had just happened, they said, no we weren't on it, but luckily they found seats for us.

Then we were delayed and delayed and delayed again--with no explanation at all. And then once we were finally boarding the plane--we find out we're not even going to freaking Telluride!!! We are instead being diverted to Grand Junction, Colorado (again no explanation why) where we will board a bus crammed with 20 or so other people for a 3-hour ride to telluride--actually about 4 hours with a stop at Wendy's. Keep in mind we have a 4-year-old with us--who was absolutely an angel thank goodness or I would have lost it.

We finally arrived in Telluride about 36 hours after we left our house.

There is so, so much more to this story, but frankly, my blood pressure is rising just typing this, so I think I need to continue tomorrow. But please tune in again to hear about the highlight of my trip--an amazing celebrity encounter--as well as the un-freakin'-believable trip home.

I hope you are all out having a wonderful, crazy time on New Year's Eve. Me? I'm going to catch up on all of your blogs and probably be asleep long before the clock stops 12. Because, if you didn't know, we were scheduled to get home yesterday, but when did I get home? Just a few hours ago.

More to come.

Happy New Year!

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CheleTales said...

OMG! Seriously, you'd think you were traveling to the remote jungles of South America with all of that hassle...not one of the most affulent, posh resort towns in the US.

I hope you at least able to decompress and have a good time once you arrived there.