Saturday, December 22, 2007

Checking in

I've been a bad blogger, as several friends have reminded me. But really, does any one have time to read blogs this time of year?

Anyway, it's been a very busy, yet very good week. I've gotten tons done, and feel pretty prepared for Christmas and our Colorado trip the following day. I have a menu planned, groceries purchased, presents selected, winter clothes located ,and I've done it all in 75-plus-degree weather, which I just have to say once again--RULES! No coats to carry, no muddy, snowy shoes to deal with, no frozen body parts. just flip flops, a tank top and sunshine. Why doesn't New York move here, seriously?!

Today I ran six miles and felt so great. I didn't anticipate it to be either that long or that strong of a run since it had been about a week since I'd done any exercise, but wow, it was. I thought the wine and champagne I consumed last night during our first ever dinner party at our new house would slow me down, but they didn't. In fact, I think all of the carbs I consumed actually helped. I guess that's why carb loading is such a standard practice. hmm, just what I need---more justification for chips and guac!

While it still needs work in the painting/decorating department, I feel like our new house is coming together. And I love it. It feels like such a good place for us--the neighborhood, the location, everything. But then I got a $300 energy bill for our house back in Washington, and I'm thrown into a spiral of depression thinking of the thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars we're throwing out the window on that mortgage, the upkeep, etc. Seriously, I can't believe we're entering 2008 without a single offer.

But back to the positive, PB has been an absolute joy and has just played and played by himself for hours at a time. We've also had some really fun times playing games together, but man does that child have a competitive streak. We're really working on being a good loser, but it's a hard, hard lesson for him. His lip is healing nicely and he's cracking me up all the time with these crazy stories and philosophies of life. He's so excited for Christmas. Although the two things he's been saying he wants ALL YEAR LONG--he will NOT waiver in these--are a pogo stick (hell no for a 4-year-old, especially one who recently got stitches) and a hang glider (a toy one will NOT do--he wants one to sail over swamps, marshes and such). So needless to say, there will be no Christmas wishes coming true for him. Santa will, I'm sure, however provide a note explaining why those aren't safe choices and that he selected some other choices he hopes PB will like.

And in typical me fashion, I stress and stress about things and then finish WAY before the deadline. So the next two days should be pretty relaxed. I have a few presents to wrap, a neighborhood Christmas party tomorrow afternoon and a few last minute items, but really, I'm just looking forward to hanging out, sleeping in, playing games, watching Christmas specials and drinking wine and champagne :) I wish you all could join me in person!


redheadmomma said...

Jeez, man, Santa is such a joykill! ;)

I know exactly what you mean about December at 75 degree. I grew up in LA, and man, it was awfully nice to have the window open and the nice breeze blowing through on Christmas day! I think that's why I have a hell of a time figuring out where everyone's coats/boots/mittens/gloves/scarves are here, because we didn't NEED them when I was growing up. So I never learned how to keep it all organized. I can't keep my own stuff straight, much less my two kids.

Merry Christmas!! :)

Wes said...

Awww man. Get PB a hang glider. What could possibly go wrong? LOL!! Maybe you could explain a lack of mountains to jump off of in Florida?!? ROFL!!! :-)

Merry Christmas!!

(Nice job on the six miler, but I don't recommend carbo loading with champagne ;-)

She Likes Purple said...

You HAVE been productive! Enjoy your Christmas and your champagne ;)