Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oh the Day We've Had

I could write so much right now, but I'm just going to give all the dirty details because I'm physically and emotionally exhausted from this day.

But here's some of it:

I picked PB up from preschool today around 2. We usually stay and play and run around with his friends. We did the same today, although today he ran smack into a pole. There was lots of blood, lots of screams. He split open his mouth--the skin between the nose and the lip with a big, deep gash. There's some damage to his teeth and his chin has a big bruise.

We already had a doctor's appointment because I had wanted to get his ears checked before our flight tomorrow--he's really prone to ear infections and has had a cold. So we got there a bit early, showed them the bleeding and they got us in right away.

So now to add to the list of ailments, he has a fever of 101.5, the beginnings of an ear infection and a horrible cough. The doctor decides a plastic surgeon needs to sew up the lip, and becuase we're flying to my brother's wedding tomorrow, it has to be done tongiht. We thankfully find one willing to work us in. Well, work us in meant, us getting there at 5 and not leaving until almost 8 p.m.

The stitches were nothing short of awful. Actually it was the numbing shot that was so bad. He screamed and fought as I cried and sobbed. Thank God my husband was there too. i know parents handle this stuff all time (and much, much worse), but God, It's hard. It's so hard to see your baby hurting and wanting you to stop it.

So I really need to go pack (because all of what I was supposed to get done this afternoon like buying a wedding present, packing, etc., etc. has not been done.) But the net of is he's going to be swollen, black and blue and stitched for all the wedding pictures. He's going to cranky from the antibiotics for the ear infection, and we're all going to be tired, because it's just been one of those days.

But we'll make the best of it. Because it's my brother's wedding. And I found a really great dress to wear!


Wes said...

Awww man, that's a family disaster. Poor PB. Nothing worse then getting a shot for stitches. *sigh*. Hope everything gets better for ya today. Have a beautiful trip :-)

She Likes Purple said...

I am so sorry! I hope he feels better sooner rather than later and I hope you manage to have fun (and look great!) at the wedding. Enjoy!

redheadmomma said...

For what it's worth, I would be sobbing JUST as much as you did. If not more :)

Try to have a wonderful trip & event!!!

thethinker said...

Aww, that sounds horrible. I hope he gets better soon.

CheleTales said...

Why is it always right before a trip? I think kids have that sixth sense. :) So glad that he's ok though and you guys will have a great time at your brother's wedding.