Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Lists

These days too many sentences around our house start with, "I want..."

Now I'm know I'm incredibly guilty of it, and I'm trying to be better. But PB is out of control. Perhaps giving him all of those toy magazines isn't such a good idea. At least 'tis the season.

Saturday is the Christmas festival at his school, and Santa Claus will be there. In all of his four years, PB has never sat on Santa's lap without screaming, shrieking and making a huge scene. I have great pictures :)

This year he may actually do it because of all the wants. We'll see. This morning he told me what was on his list, including a hang glider. "Not a toy hang glider." Why? "Because I need to fly over swamps and lakes and rivers and things." Also top of his list is a pogo stick. I don't think they make those in his size.

In other news, I've decided to start taking bets on if you think he'll actually make it down the aisle as ring bearer at my brother's wedding in two weeks. We've been talking about it for a long time; how it's a very important job; and how he'll even how he'll get cake afterward. We've also told him how a little boy his age (my brother's friend's son)Will will be there.

PB was fine with all of that...until he had to try on the tux. Now, not so much. The other day out of the blue he said, "I think Will should do it."

At first I had know idea who or what he was talking about. Then I got it. And it's come up repeatedly since. Tonight at dinner, "I think Will should wear the special outfit."

So we're pre-bribing. Currently we're up to two pieces of cake and a toy. I wonder what bribes we'll end up having to cough up to actually make it happen. Hmmm...makes you wonder why with such great parenting skills, he starts so many sentences with "I want".


Wes said...

I use to litter the floor with wrapping paper and boxes at Chirstmas *sigh*. Now, its like they quickly forget what they didn't get for Christmas when they see what's under the tree.

PB's the man :-) Just tell'em not to plug his ears like my daughter did.

secretmom said...

wes--why did your daughter plug her ears? PB does that at church when there's an organ!

She Likes Purple said...

Keep us posted! And if you convince him to get in the "special outfit" take tons of pictures.