Monday, November 5, 2007


The weather has been glorious for the past several days. It actually feels a little bit like Fall--mid 70s, cool crisp air. We slept with the windows open all weekend, and it's such a relief to be void of the recycled air. It's so nice to put on a pair of jeans, to make chili. Not that I need snow and real cold--really, I don't--but this is a nice change. If I could wear a sweater or sweatshirt on top, and flip flops on the bottom all winter, I would be thrilled.

I went for a run this morning--6 miles--and it felt great.I could feel the colder air in my lungs, but in a good way.

Packing tomorrow for my return to Seattle. Because I only have summer clothes here, I probably won't pack much. I will, however, take our two biggest suitcases so that I can bring some things back after I hit Trader Joe's and the Hannah Anderson outlet! Of course, all of the many, many items I will buy at Trader Joe's won't fit in my suitcase. So I intend to fully stock my pantry with TJ's items so that the packers can them come in and box it all up and move it out here to the TJ-less desert of Florida.

I'm getting more and more sad about leaving PB. But also getting really excited to just sit on the plane (in first class--thank you miles!) and read and be someone other than the mom with the toddler the entire plane fears.


redheadmomma said...

sorry about no news on the house...that's so frustrating. Have a great time when you're here, and I just actually went into the Hannah Anderson outlet for the first time. Strange store/styles, but I found Noah a beautiful red winter sweter there. Great quality.

Wes said...

Have a nice trip back! Enjoy it!!! You deserve it! Excellent run, too, chica!!