Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I took a boxing class yesterday. Not a kickboxing class, but a real-life don-your-gloves, hit-a-big-huge-bag, boxing class. It was kind of intense, especially as I was paired to spar (I think that's what I did) with the toughest looking chick in the place. I definitely got out some aggression and learned a few things, but I wasn't feeling particularly exhausted afterward.

Today, however, every muscle in my upper body and quite a few in my lower body are throbbing. My hands, fingers, wrists, forearm, and just go on from there. Wow! Not something I plan to do regularly, as I prefer more dance-y kinds of things when it comes to classes. But it was a good brush up on my upper cut, etc. You never know when it could come in handy.

In other news, guess what I wore today? A tank dress and sandals. And it's November 14. It's so freaky. Not in a bad way, just in a wow way. People here complain about missing the seasons, I'm not so sure I will. We'll see.

Couldn't contain my cooking bug any longer, and made a big dinner tonight though still apartment bound. Wes linked to a recipe for Chicken Marsala he had made, and as it's among my favorite dishes, I had to try it. It was excellent. I made that along with some garlic mushrooms, roasted asparagus and whole wheat pasta. Yumm.

And soon, I'll be able to cook to my heart's content, or at least as long as my jeans still fit. We get the keys to our new house on Friday! Woo hoo--we're very excited, but I won't use an exclamation point as we still haven't sold our damn house. Lowered price by another 20K today, we'll see what that does...


She Likes Purple said...

Florida sounds a lot like Texas. It's cool today and tomorrow but back into the seventies and even low eighties soon.

I know what kickboxing did to my muscles, so I can only imagine what regular boxing would do!

kristabella said...

Yeah, we're supposed to get snow furries today.

I used to do a boxing class when I worked for the 49ers. And I was getting beat up by 300-pound defensive linemen. That was fun.

But it was also fun to punch them as hard as you could because they could take it.

Most of the time.

Wes said...

Boxing? brave soul... :-)

Anonymous said...

boxing sounds so cool. i've been thinking about taking karate lately. thought it might help me lose weight.

good going!