Sunday, November 25, 2007


A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my brother. I was telling him how among the many other things I've put on hold until our house sells is the purchase of an ipod. Since I've started running again, I so want one. Back when we had just one mortgage, I would have just gone out and bought one. Now, as I watch our life savings flying out the window each month, I've become much, much more frugal. And so I have remained ipod-less, coveting all the white cords sprouting from the ears of the others I pass.

Then Friday I saw the mailman walking up to our door with a package. It was from my brother--a housewarming gift he had told me was on the way. I opened it up expecting a candle or gift certificate or something. But instead, there it was--my very own ipod Nano!

It was such a nice and completely unexpected surprise. There are too few of those in life I find, and I absolutely love them--both creating them for others and receiving them. He said he just thought I needed one.

So now I too will sport the white ear buds, and I'm so excited to go out and run with it. Except that in the move, our computer (desktop) is now not working. (Small vent--my husband spent a small fortune "building" a computer so it would have these special graphics features, etc., etc. He ordered all the parts separately, then had some super tech guy help him "build it." This was about six months ago, and since it's all special, it's not like it's under warranty and we can just send it back. So now, the super tech guy is back in Washington and my husband has no idea how to fix it--can you sense my irritation??? I knew it was a bad idea when he set off to do it in the first place. We should have just got a freakin' Dell or something. But I digress).

So I can't wait to start downloading some music and getting my running list down. I need input on good songs you love to run to (or think you would like to run to if you did indeed run)??? For whatever reason, the first song I want to download is "I would walk 10,000 miles". No idea why that's my first choice. It's not my favorite song or anything, it just pops into my head sometimes when I'm running. Let me hear yours.

P.S. Of course the whole experience also left me a little depressed as I think about my wonderful brother and other siblings, and how PB (probably) won't have any. Who will buy him an ipod someday? Who will he get to surprise like that?


She Likes Purple said...

Can I ask why he won't have siblings? It may be touchy, so ignore me if so.

But what a beautiful gesture. I loved this post.

Wes said...

Your brother rocks :-) Congrats on the new ipod. I opted for an MP3 player with a radio, as I don't buy much music...

Why, Mom will always be there to surprise and do special things for PB, and then, that job will be taken over by his significant other. We won't lament our lot in life, but work hard to make the most of it :-)

Jim Bumgarner said...

Just found you on blogger, and have only read this particular post. I have no iPod either; I have a new truck with a sixdisc cd changer, but I listen to the radio. When I jog I listen to a little pocket am/fm radio my daughter bought for me for fathers day about 15 years ago. I didn't realize til now how "out of cool" I must be because the wires are black. Can you buy white earphone wires without buying a iPod? btw: I used to live in Sequim and I bet you know where it is.

secretmom said...

SLP--I wrote about the only child thing here
It's probably the best description. It used to be a touchy subject, but I've mostly grown numb to it over the years and actually feel it's helpful to talk about.

Wes--good wisdom as always :)

Jim--thanks for stopping by! and yes, I do know where Sequim is, but I never actually made it there. I've heard good things though!

redheadmomma said...

Sequim = lavender.

I have to admit that I pinged Cheletales and asked what was going on re: single child, so I'm up on that story. I wanted to say that I've been thinking about you, and that if PB grows up without a sibling, he won't know any different, and he'll have good friends & as wes said, an SO, and cousins and relatives. It's like when I grieve for Maya (and I know she'll do this too) for not having a "normal" brother...Noah would never, as an adult, go online and purchase his sister an ipod, probably because he couldn't. But that will be her life, and she will have friends and guy friends who she will call "brothers", just as I did. They will be more resilient than we think - we're just worriers, and we worry about our babies. I SO get that.