Friday, January 25, 2008


Today PB and I met a friend of his for a some bowling. It was the fist time he's ever bowled, and it was really fun. The ball was pretty heavy for him, and since when I tried to help him, I made him fall backward onto his head, they got out some help.

They had this crazy metal ramp thing that he could put the ball on, and then push it down. If you have spent much time in bowling alleys, perhaps you've seen one? And there were these bars in the gutters, so no gutter balls. At least not for him...

Me on the other hand, lot of gutters. I'm I'm horrible and didn't break 80, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. And I'm thinking perhaps it counts as a workout?

I hope so, because not only did I have pizza at the bowling alley, a I also had pizza for dinner. I'm such a peer pressure eater. My neighbor and her two sons came over in the afternoon. We ended up having a glass of vino while the boys played and soon realized it was passing dinnertime. Since my husband had a working dinner and hers was out of town, we called for pizza and fed the kids and ourselves. So I probably need to do another workout tomorrow--perhaps something a little more strenuous than bowling. But I'm thinking I may be sore from the bowling tomorrow!

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She Likes Purple said...

I know it's not good for you but pizza for lunch AND dinner sounds like the perfect day.