Saturday, January 26, 2008

Testing, Testing

So today Pb had to audition, get tested, evaluated, call it what you will, for a preschool we may want to send him to. I swear I never, ever thought I'd be the mom taking my child to something like this at such a young age. But things change, and I learned long ago to never say never.

Things are different here in Florida--public schools aren't as good for the most part, and we love this school from what we've seen. But we've also heard it's pretty competitive to get in. So we'll see. I've been trying to drill PB all day without appearing to drill him about what went on, what they asked him, etc.

I'm getting very little in the way of answers. Just little snippets like, "I told them my name and they said that was a very beautiful name." Or "I counted to 40 and then stopped." I tried to find out why he stopped there--did he tell him he couldn't go any higher (he can) or did they ask him to stop-- but then he clams up and won't tell me.

Who knows? When we went to pick him up, they said he did "great," which is what I think they said to all the parents--meaning great, having fun, etc. No feedback at all on the rest.

I think he got some bonus points for sociability though because right when we were leaving, in front of a couple of the big administrators, this little girl yelled to PB and opened up her arms to him. He ran into them and hugged her. It was so cute, and there were lots of ooos and ahs. This was especially nice to see as he's been on a big boys-are-the-best kick. Our conversation yesterday went something like this:

PB: mommy I wish you were a boy
Me: Why?
PB: Because boys are better.

Anyway, the hug was good. Hope they wrote that down. So now we wait and within two weeks we should know that either a) we're in; b) we're on the wait list; or c) that we're not getting in. Really, whatever the outcome is is fine with us. There are plenty of other options. But if our outcome is C I sure hope they tell us what they base it on, because man am I dying to know what went on today!!!

More probing tomorrow. Perhaps a day later he'll cough up more.


Wes said...

Because boys are better

I'm tellin ya! PB is the smartest kid I know ;-)

Manic Mom said...

OH. He is soooo in!

Manic Mom said...

And btw, Is Wed PB's dad? : )

Manic Mom said...

Or just a proud fan? Hee hee! Or wait, I know! CLUELESS, cuz he's a BOY TOO!!! Bwhahahahaah...

JUST KIDDING Wes! Couldn't resist!

secretmom said...

okay, Manic, that's hillarious. No, Wes isn't PB's dad. I've never even met him! He's just a great commenter and blogger :)