Thursday, January 24, 2008

For the Record

I rarely edit, proof or even spellcheck my blog.

I like it that way, even though I'm a total grammar and punctuation freak.( I once lobbyed a grocery store for weeks to put up an apostrophe in their HUGE sign that read, "Its (sic) Our Pleasure to Serve You." And they finally did! )

But here at my pad in the blogosphere, I come, I let my thoughts flow and dont worry much about mispelings; or bad punctuation or run on sentences, or too, many, commas, that leave people wanting to catch their breath or something like that.

So while I stated that this would be my rules (or lacktherof) when I started this blog, I haven't mentioned it in awhile. So some of you might just think I'm ignorant and want to scream as you read my imperfect prose. But rest assured I'm not stupid, just lazy...when I'm here in this little corner of my life.


Wes said...

Very funny! :-) Unless you want your own blog picked apart, knit picking other people's blogs for punctuation and grammar issues is BAD KARMA :-)

She Likes Purple said...

I hope no one corrected you--that would be so tacky.

It's your space.