Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Remind Me

If I ever want to be the chair of a committee again, please tell me to run.

Remind me just how much work it was to chair the preschool cookbook committee.

Next time I'll just be "on" the committee. I don't need to be in charge (keep repeating to self).

Back to the book...


Wes said...

Ummm, Secret Mom?

Next time you want to be the chair of a committee, run :-)

You're welcome!!

Manic Mom said...

Here's a tip: The only committee you want to chair is the Committee of Bettering Yourself & Making Your Life Less Stressful. This includes the Committee of Getting Manicures, Taking Naps, Lunching, Blog-Surfing, Reading, Watching American Idol, or Getting the Random Latte Committee.

This has been a PSA brought to you by Manic Mommy.

You may now resume SAYING NO!

Manic Mom said...

AH-HA! I KNOW YOU!!!!!!!!!!

She Likes Purple said...

Preschool cookbook, huh? Sounds like a great product though.