Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday

This week has flown by. I worked three mornings at my friend's boutique and had a follow up job interview the other day. This morning we had one of PB's friends from preschool over for a play date. It was really nice chatting with his mom; and the boys had so much fun together. Then this afternoon I stepped outside to get the mail, saw a neighbor who invited PB and I over for a happy hour play date, complete with a bottle of chardonnay and a couple of other neighbors. I'm telling you, we picked the perfect neighborhood. They're all really nice and fun and had tons of great information about all the schools around here, etc.

Tomorrow I'm having a me day. When I was working, I had them almost every week because I needed them. I had PB all day, then worked most of the night writing. Since we've moved and I've just had PB to focus on--and he's in school the majority of the day--I've had tons of me days. So I've forfeited my weekend ones.

But I've picked up more work and gradually life is getting back to a hectic pace. So I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My husband is taking PB to his parents' house where they will spend the day and come back right before bedtime. I'm getting my hair cut and highlighted--it's so far overdue it's pathetic. Remember when I went back to Seattle to pack up our house? Yeah, well it was before that! So I'll do that, perhaps pretend shop a little bit, go to the gym and maybe even see a movie. We'll see.

On Sunday we have an open house for a private school we're considering for PB. I'm predicting that day will be full of stories.

Have a great weekend!

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She Likes Purple said...

I think I'm going to the movies by myself on Sunday! We'll see, but it's on my resolution list, so I have to get to it.