Friday, January 4, 2008


I feel like i have both so much and so little to say.
PB has been out of school all week, and since we returned from our trip we've had three days with pretty much no schedule. While at first I feared all these empty days and thought I'd go about scheduling them, I didn't. I just kind of let them unravel.
And after the crazy past few weeks I've had, it was a nice way to go.
We've gone to Costco a couple of times (have I blogged yet about my newfound love for this place? if not, remind me and I will). We've played games, he's played by himself, we've played with neighbors, we've watched videos and just hung out.
Yesterday, I called my husband right about noon and asked what he was doing for lunch. he said "nothing" so I suggested he come home for lunch so i could go for a quick run. In exchange for a homemade grilled cheese lunch, he did.
It was the first time in a week I'd run, and it was actually great. Only about 3 miles, but nice and got me hungry for more.
Then today, we had two families coming over for dinner and some big football game around 4 p.m. I had a bunch of food to cook, but in my typical Type-A way, I realized I was way ahead of schedule. So in very un-typical-for-me mode, I decided to put the cleaning and cooking on hold and instead go for another run in the gorgeous 70-ish weather. I thought I'd just do three, but instead, I got in 6 really good miles today. Besides the blisters on my feet that were sprouting ( I think I need new running socks) it was a great run.
And even with the break, tonight's dinner still turned out great. I swear Florida is really relaxing me! I made some new recipes, including an olive bread that was out of this world courtesy of I don't even like olives. (Let me know if you do, and I'll pass along the recipe or you can look it up on her site.) I also made one of my favorite, old pasta recipes and a great sausage and peppers dish. That plus wine and mixed drinks, a Cesar salad, some homemade caramelized onion dip and another great appetizer with bacon, cream cheese, etc. and we had a great meal. Another family brought cookies and ice cream, and we were, and are, all full.
Not much is on the docket for tomorrow. Just a few errands and a lot of rest. Not sure my legs are going to be up for another run, but you never know.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

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She Likes Purple said...

Sounds like a great, relaxing week.