Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Different Type of Trip

It started out as a nice morning. I had an appointment first thing in the morning, then headed home to get in a run in the glorious weather. I got dressed, grabbed by ipod and headed out. Around about 1.5 miles I tripped over something (perhaps just my own feet) and went flying.

The palms of my hands were burning, my knee bloody and throbbing, and then there was my ankle--a nice, dull ache. I surveyed the damage, managed to get up, and after I walked about half a mile, I figured I was good to continue running home. I still felt fine when I got home, so I ran around my neighborhood for another mile or so. I think that was my mistake.

After my shower, I was limping. When I went to pick up PB from preschool, I could barely hobble. My ankle is now throbbing. It's not swollen, and I can move it, so I'm taking those as good signs. But Lord it hurts! What really makes me mad is that I had a long run planned for tomorrow, and now I wont' be able to do it. Ugh.

So now I have the remaining scars from my golf cart accident ; a huge scrape from a deck I fell off in Telluride; and a knee that is red, bloody and scabby. I could compete with any 8-year-old boy for the most banged-up looking legs. And to make it worse, I can't shave over all the scabs, so there are patches that have hair spurting from amidst the scabs. See I would beat those 8-year-old boys actually.

I'm telling you me in a skirt or a dress is a pretty sight these days.

So anyway, I'm hoping that my ankle will just get better. I really don't want to go to the doctor. I'm going to see what happens over night. Hopefully a miraculous recovery!


CheleTales said...

Ohmygosh! I can't believe you actually continued running. I would've been like a 3 year old looking around for anyone to give me sympathy. You, my dear, are a running addict. :)

Wes said...

Scraped knees and scars are sexy ;-) ice and ibuprofen!!!! Heal fast and well!!

She Likes Purple said...

Get better! Soon!

Freddie Sirmans said...

Just browsing the internet. Your blog is very, very interesting. great read.

kristabella said...

This is why I try to stay on the treadmill. I'm known to trip on the air.

I twisted my ankle so bad when I was shitfaced at the Rose Bowl years ago and I ended up walking about 3 miles on it. It was three times the size in the morning!