Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Bowl

Last week in PB's preschool folder there was a parenting magazine. I think it was published by Scholastic, filled with fun parenting activities, articles, etc. I'm not really sure, however, as PB immediately claimed it as his magazine and proceeded to read it for hours. Seriously--he sat quietly through mass as he was immersed in it, and he never does that! He's a really good reader for a 4-year-old, but they are big adult articles, so I don't know what he's actually getting it out of it. Clearly something.

And among that something is marketing propaganda for a million things your child needs. He zeroed in on an advertisement for a Baby Einstein snack bowl that has these little covered sections for snacks, etc. He kept showing it to me telling me how much he wanted it. While probably intended for smaller children, t would actually be good for his lunch that I pack each days, so I told him sure, we'd go look for one.

We set out Friday afternoon for Target and scoured the store, but there wasn't one to be found.

He then informed me that Sofia, a GRILL (as he calls girls) from preschool, has one. "Great," I told him, "On Monday, I will figure out which one is Sofia then ask her mother where she got it." ALL weekend, he asked if it was Monday. "Let's call Sofia," he begged. "Let's drive to her house and ask her." All of which were impossible because I don't know her last name or anything about her.

So after stealthily checking in every other store in the Orlando area for one with no luck, Monday arrived. "We need to find Sofia," were the first words out of PB's mouth when he sees his teacher, Ms. Amber. Ms. Amber isn't sure she's seen such a bowl, but points out Sofia to me, who is already in the classroom. Her mother has left already, so I will have to stalk her after school. As I'm leaving I hear PB go up to Sofia and say, "we need your phone number."

Pick-up times nears, and I get there early, wanting to make sure that the mother doesn't slip away. We wait as all other children get picked up. Sofia is the last one left in the classroom. We wait some more, and then finally her frantic mother comes racing up for a late pickup.

I then ask the burning question, "Where did you get Sofia's Little Einstein bowl?"

Her answer: "We don't have a Little Einstein bowl?

Me: "Really, no bowl? What about another bowl that you send with her? A plate maybe?"

Sofia's mom: No, I've never sent anything like that.

So now I'm wondering if he just made it up? While he lives in a total imaginary world, this would be the first really big made up thing. Maybe she made it up and told him she had one? I'm just not sure.

Our search continues...

P.S. I was right about the Boot Camp fallout--I can barely move today. I did an easy 2- mile run to try and loosen things up. It's not working...


Janya said...

Is that you, J? I saw you posted on Chele's Tales...

secretmom said...

Yep, it's me!
Congrats on Baby Glen. Sounds like you're really enjoying motherhood. Can't wait to read more about your experiences!