Monday, August 6, 2007


My body feels stronger. I'm finding less jiggle on my arms. I didn't want to throw up when I tried on a swimsuit I had ordered online. The progress has been slow, but I feel like I'm actually making progress. I don't have MY scale, and I'm hesitant to use the one at the gym because I'm scared it won't show the progress I'm feeling. But the two times I have snuck on, it has shown a little drop. I honestly thought for awhile that something was wrong with my body; that I couldn't lose weight like other people or like I used to. But the truth is I wasn't really trying--not really--I didn't stick to an exercise plan; I didn't really limit what I ate (or drank). And now I am. Not to an extreme. Not on a specific plan. But I'm making changes. I'm exercising and loving it. And I'm working toward a better me. It feels good, and I hope I can continue down this very good road I'm on. In the past I've been easily detoured, but I hope that Florida is a new beginning for me--the new, healthier, fitter, hotter me.

Food rundown for today--kashi in the morning (i swear this helps keep me full the rest of the day!); part of an arby's market carver sandwich--half the bread--and a few of PB's fries (blah!); a very little bit of leftover bday cake, chicken salad and grapes for dinner; and then 2.5 glasses of wine. The wine--i know--i need to give it up, and the progress would...progress. But I'm not ready yet, i'm cutting down, but not enough. I will though.

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