Saturday, August 4, 2007

So. Much. Fun.

Today I took PB to Universal Stuidos and Islands of Adventure, and it was, as the title states, "so much fun"! We went with his new little friend C, his mom and baby sister. While part of me wished it was just he and I so we could do what we wanted, it was also fun for him to have a friend to play with.

C is a nice boy and appears pretty intelligent, but he pushes PB a lot (PB pushes back when he needs to!) and kind of bothers PB I can tell. I think there's about a 4-6 month difference in age, which can make a big difference. I'm sure it goes both ways and will continue to do so because PB is no saint, but today he was pretty close. It's nice to see that, when in so many cases, it's been PB who has been the problem.

Today, I was so proud of PB he just did a great job. Seriously, it's not even work to be with with him most of the time, it's a privilege. He's so sweet and so full of life and wonderment and kindness. I love him more than i could ever possibly express.

Tomorrow he turns 4. It's hard to think back to where I was four years ago--in a hospital bed, scared to death, assuming that I wouldn't walk out with a living child. But I did. And God gave me the best one on the lot. Seriously, in so much of my life, I'm a grass is greener person, and see what others have and want it. But when it comes to PB, if you lined up every child in the entire universe, I would chose him first. He's the best. (And again, i must clarify that I hope every parent feels this way about his or her child)

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