Monday, August 20, 2007

Home Again

PB and I had a great time in Nebraska. My brothers are hilarious and keep us laughing. PB adores my sister and my mom, and it was just a good time all together. I can't say I could ever go back and live there, but it's nice to be back "home". It's crazy though that I never see anyone I know anymore. I always expect I will, and tend to try to look good at all times in case I run into an old boyfriend. But I never do. I'm sure i will some day when I'm unprepared and looking my worst.

Today was PB's first day of preschool. we woke up really late and were in a big rush, which I hate. PB was so out of it when he was getting ready to eat breakfast that he almost peed all over his plate!!! I told him he should go potty before he started to eat. Then he proceeded to pull down his pants, then his underwear, and aim--right at his breakfast tray (which was sitting on a low coffee table, right about the right height!) I was able to get him to the bathroom in time, but it was pretty funny.

I walked him to his classroom, where we met his very pretty teacher, Miss Amber. He likes pretty girls, so I'm sure he's going to like her. She seemed great. Other kids were crying as their parents left, but he seemed okay. A little hesitant, but okay. I can't wait to go pick him up and hear all about it.

So with my hours of leisure I went to the gym. I got in a 3 mile run and a few weights and feel exhausted. I've been running faster and faster on the treadmill, which feels good. Showered there, then drove by one of the houses we're considering and came home to eat lunch--grilled ham and low fat cheese (Side note: that I can't believe it's not butter spray works great to make grilled cheese!) with some carrots and hummus. Threw in a load of laundry, caught up on some blogs and that's about it. Will leave in a few minutes to pick him up.

Oh, also while I was in Nebraska I grabbed some of my old journals. I'm currently reading through one from college. It's so crazy to read about all I was thinking at that time--the boys, the parties, the friends--and I couldn't put it down last night, which is probably why I overslept. Maybe I'll post some excerpts soon!

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Wes said...

Welcome home :-) You got the little tyke off to preschool eh? That's a minor traumatizing moment for lots of parents this time of year. Sounds like PB weathered it pretty well and made it easier on ya...

Nice job getting to the gym and getting that run in! I know its hot here, has to be really hot in Florida!!

Let us know how the first couple of days have transpired!!