Monday, August 13, 2007


PB and I are heading off to Nebraska tomorrow--my hometown--for a family reunion of sorts. Both of my brothers are coming, and my sister will be there as well before she heads off to law school this fall. When I learned everyone would be in one place at one time I didn't want to miss out so I booked last minute tickets, even though we will miss meet and greet day at PB's new preschool.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to blog while I'm there, but I'll try to check in with updates.

On the housing front, realtor says there's a possible buyer who has been nosing around. I'm not getting my hopes up--okay, of course I am--but wow, it would be so great if that happened while we were away!

And in other exciting news, the season premiere of "The Hills" is on tonight. I can't wait! When does one outgrow these kinds of shows? I'm not sure I ever will. My mother told me the other day that my father--my very serious, no frills father--is hooked on "Big Brother". Ha! Maybe it's in my genes.

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CheleTales said...

I'm with you. I'm so excited for The Hills. Thank goodness for Tivo.