Monday, August 27, 2007

Screw the Secret

I really tried to think positive all weekend. I anticipated the call; I waited. And yet no offer, no real interest. We just signed the lease on a new furnished apt. today. We will move on Wednesday. It's nice, but we'll be paying for that rent AND our mortgages, plus, bills at both locations.

AND we'll likely lose the house we really want because they don't seem open to a true contingent offer (they want us to agree upon a date for closing).

A woman at preschool today told me they moved here two years ago and STILL haven't sold their house. They finally had to rent. OMG, if that happens I will go insane.

Also, screw the cable company!

They can't hook up our Internet access or cable television until September 4. WTF?! With my husband working 'til all hours and me with no friends, activities, job, etc. here yet, I spend a lot of time online and watching television. Now what? I guess I'll catch up on a lot of the books I've been wanting to read.

Ugh, and I WAS going to cut back on my wine consumption this week.


Wes said...

LOL. Sorry your house didn't sell :-) But there IS nothing wrong with positive thinking!! Hope this cooler weather makes it down your way soon. Its going to start getting nice outside soon, so ease some workouts in between those books ;-)

CheleTales said...

Crap, does this mean I have to wait until Sep 4 to see more blog updates from you?

secretmom said...

Luckily, I called back and complained about the wait, and now they're coming Friday to hook up cable--hooray! Also, just found out that this corp. housing isn't up until Friday morning I guess, so we can stay here (with my cable!) until then and gradually move all our stuff over.