Tuesday, August 21, 2007


5 hours a day; 4 days a week--that's 20 hours a week PB isn't with me now that he's started preschool. He's never been with anyone else except my husband for that long. Now he is. Back in Washington, it would have just been three days for 2.5 hours a day. This is a big jump.

We're both going to need some time to adjust. Yesterday he was a mess when picked him up--so incredibly tired and whiny. "It was a hard day mommy," he said. He went right to bed and would have stayed there all night if I hadn't woken him up. When he woke up he told me all about his "hard" day and said that meant that he "played hard" and wanted to know if he could go back right then.

Today, he was much better. He told me about John, a boy "he really likes who really likes dogs." But he then lost it when we got home--again right down for a nap. Tomorrow we're having a playdate right after school with a new friend--NOT sure how that one will go. But we need friends, and I've warned her that it might be a disaster so we'll see.

After dropping him off I got a workout in--35 minutes on the elliptical machine, some weights and stretching. I really need to be more vigilant about stretching. I'm sooo tight. I was a gymnast for nearly 10 years, so I was always very flexible. Now I can't even touch my toes!!! Pathetic. So, that's a new goal. I'm going to check out a yoga class or so that my gym offers too.

After my workout and shower, I went to the mall to return a purse. I shopped around, grabbed a salad for lunch and sat in the bookstore reading books. It was nice and depressing all at the same time. Nice to have time to do that, but depressing because it makes me think about what to do now with my life; the fact that PB is an only child; and that the years are going to zip by. I'll figure it out; it's just such a transitional time right now.

Speaking of transitions, we're going to put in an offer on a house today! We still haven't sold ours back in WA, but the sellers are open to a contingent bid. AND they will rent to us until ours sells (we think). That means mid-October we could actually have all of our stuff moved here and get out of these corporate rentals. (We each only took two suitcases when we came as we had no idea it would take this long!) Speaking of which, we have to move again next week--UGH! Those two suitcases have multiplied and grown exponentially--you wouldn't believe all of the stuff we've accumulated in just two months here! Moving will be no small feat. The house we're bidding on is great, tons of upgrades, great pool, nice neighborhood. Not the ideal layout nor the neighborhood I REALLY wanted to be in, but nice. So we'll see what happens...

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