Wednesday, September 5, 2007


How, oh how, did I really live my entire life without coffee? I'm seriously amazed by this fact.

A drop never touched my lips through college, graduate school, my son's infant years--and the sleepless nights all these produced. What different experiences they would have been if I had just had my coffee. There was no real reason for me not trying, it just didn't appeal to me. Plus, with my addictive nature, I figured I didn't need another vice.

It wasn't until two years ago that I had my first cup after reading of all the health benefits java posesses. I had to "make" myself like it. I started with lattes, sugary creamers and the sort. It wasn't love at first taste, but the cold rainy days of Seattle made it bearable, and finally unbearable to be without. I have graduated to full out, regular coffee, with a little cream. I also really like the flavored beans--just got Cinnamon, Vanilla nut--yumm.

This newest apartment didn't come with a coffee maker, so today I set out and bought one. Nothing fancy, but it's my first adult coffee maker. The one back in Seattle is a pathetically embarrassing 4-cup maker my husband had in college that we would pull out for company. I made due with it on my addiction journey. But no longer. Now I'm the proud owner of a regular 12-cup maker--you can even program it ahead of time.

Maybe I'll even become a morning person--yea right.

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Wes said...

LOL. I didn't start drinking coffee until about 8 years ago myself. My coffee had cream and four packs of sugar in it. Until my stomach rebelled and gave me acid reflux! So, now its splenda (one pack) and my little two cup coffee maker at home suits me just fine :-)