Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Short Legs, Running and Rain

This morning, for the first time in the two-plus months we've been here, I woke up to rain. LOTS of rain, rain that caused me to get out the umbrella. And that's got to tell you a lot about the amount of rain, because in the six or so years I lived in Seattle, I don't think I ever used one.

Anyway, after maneuvering an umbrella-obsessed 4-year-old to the car and then into his classroom, it was time for my workout. I'd planned to run outside and figured the rain would clear shortly. While, as I've previously noted there are huge thunderstorms here nearly everyday, they are very short lived--like 20 minutes a lot of time. Then the sun comes out and life resumes. Not so today. It rained and rained and rained and then rained some more.

So I altered my plans and went to the gym instead. I ran four strong miles on the treadmill with no walk breaks. I felt really good and did some weights too. Of course, I got on the scale again, and it still hasn't budged. I don't understand how that is possible, but oh well, I feel better.

Because I can watch television while I run--personal flat screen televisions on each treadmill--I don't mind it so much, but I do prefer to be outside. Especially today, as the woman next to me was apparently watching something hilarious. Seriously, the second she started walking and watching, she started chuckling; then it turned into full-on belly laughs. Now, I understand to a point, can even find it a little endearing as I REALLY have to watch myself so I don't sing along with my newfound VH1-love hits. But she was seriously annoying. I think she laughed for at least the last 25 minutes of my run. I'm glad she was having a good time, but really, it just seemed weird and a little forced, like she wanted someone to come up and ask her what she was laughing about. I should have started singing to drown her out. And just a side note, my new favorite song/band I've heard is Maroon 5--"blah, blah, 6'4 so I had to shoot him dead..." can't get it out of my head! (It's really hard for me not to sing along with that one!)

Anyway, here's a question for you runners, and realize I may be grasping here but here goes--is it harder for people with short legs to run as fast as people with long legs. Now I get that they probably run naturally faster than those of us with short stubs, but when I'm on a treadmill doing about 6.5 miles an hour, and the person next to me is doing like 8.5 miles per hour, I swear my legs are going just as fast--no, actually a lot faster-than theirs. It seems like the energy I have to expend to run at that pace is multiplied hugely. Do I burn more calories? Not sure I'm explaining this right, but let me know if you have any insight.

Also, I'm going to start looking for a half marathon to sign up for. I thought I'd do the Disney one, but it's already full. I guess I need to plan further ahead. I also need to find a good local running store. When I trained for the marathons in Austin, there as an awesome store that always had good advice, resources for runners, etc. I'm sure there's on here, I just need to figure it out.

In other news, the season premiere of "America's Next Top Model" was on tonight. I love it--totally my favorite reality show. Tried to watch "Gossip Girl" after that, but honestly, it just looked too awful for even me. So now I have a break before I watch "The Real World". Pathetic I know :) (I won't even mention that Newport Harbor follows that).

Tomorrow a good friend of mine from college is coming into town, and I'm hoping that it stops raining so we can stroll around Winter Park for awhile, have a nice lunch outside and do some shopping.


Swishy said...

I totally laugh sometimes when I'm watching on the treadmill ... but never for 25 minutes straight!

Wes said...

Hmmmm. High turn over and short strides is the key to economical running they say... Not sure what that means for long versus short legged folks. May be worth looking into.

America's Top Model? My wife loves that show (rolls eyes) :-)

redheadmomma said...

I would have fought the urge to smack that guffawing lady upside the head. The gym's supposed to be your time, man, you're not supposed to chitchat! You're supposed to be in your own zone and get your stuff done! :)

And it's a pet peeve of mine when people are trying to manipulate you into conversation. A close second: some mom with a baby or toddler who just thinks their kid is soooooo cute, and then keeps looking around to see if you're watching her cute kid too. I never give them notice, because I just want to say, Seriously, lady! Expand your world vision here!

Anonymous said...

you can run 4 miles without a break? holy cow. that's impressive. i can't run two blocks without collapsing. way to go!

damn, i missed next top model?