Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Things

This morning we met PB's new little friend C at the park. It's one of the only times we've been brave enough to go to a park since we moved here, as the heat has scared us away. But last week I spotted one that seemed to have some good shade, and we decided to try it so they could just play without boundaries and we wouldn't have to shout "no!" "walk" "slow down" etc., etc. like we do everywhere it seems we go. Even in our own apartment where our downstairs neighbors have begun to pound on the ceiling every time PB runs, jumps, breathes. The child goes to be at 7:45 p.m. so it's not like it's when they're sleeping. Whatever, that's a whole other issue.

Back to the park--So glad we did it as the boys had a blast together. They were literally dripping sweat at the end, but were also tired enough to have a nice, sitdown lunch at a restaurant (with a waitress!) with very good manners--not something that would normally happen I think if they were in full energy mode. All in all a nice morning, and I got my favorite salad to boot (it's sooo good--Santa Fe Chicken at the Peachtree Cafe).

Other random thoughts:

--I got in a 5-mile run on Tuesday morning and I'm not even sore (I usually am about 48 hours after taxing exercise). Granted I walked part of it, but it was good for me, as it's the longest I've run, especially outside, in a long time. I'm going to try to run tonight if my husband gets home early enough and if I can avoid the timing of the daily lightning/thunderstorm. (did you know that Florida has these?)

--Some blogging etiquette: I'm trying to post more comments on the blogs I read and love as I know how much I like to read people's comments (hint, hint). I find this difficult, because I can never think of anything that witty or wise to say, and it feels like a lot of pressure. But oh well, for me at least, it's nice to just know someone is reading, and I'll assume it's that way for others too--until someone tells me to quit posting boring comments on their blog :) But really, to all you long-time bloggers who may stumble upon my page, does it weird you out to get comments from people you don't know, or do you like it? Also, do you like when people list yours as blogs they like; or do you prefer they ask you first?

--And finally, one thing I just need to get out there: I hate the word "tender". Like when someone uses it to describe their food. I'm not sure why, but it skeeves me out.


Sean said...

the word thing is so weird to me. i know a couple of people who have hangups about various words, but i don't. so it's hard to relate to. i mean, sure there's times when you get annoyed because something is overused, or frequently used in the wrong context but it's not the same thing. no skeeving. i love "moist" in the t.v. series "dead like me"

Wes said...

Nice job on the five miler! Florida heat can be brutal. I know this. You can set your watch by the afternoon thunderstorms in Panama City Beach...

As far as comments go, I have only met a couple of bloggers in real life. OK. Three. The rest all friends I have met through their blogs in the running community. If you want people to come by and read your blog, than leave comments on theirs. Ya know, little words of encouragement, and if you have a bit of advice, then that too. 99.9% of the bloggers I know are pretty cool about that. They just like to hear from you.

As far a a blog roll goes... If you want to list your favorite blogs on your blog, that's entirely a personal decision. This is your space any who :-)

redheadmomma said...

I cannot STAND it when my mother-in-law says something is "scrumptious." Same for "pass gas." UGH Too f-ing proper!

so can I list you or no? M says she couldn't list you. :) We want to get you out there! You write too well! :)

secretmom said...

Redheadmomma--yes, you can list me--thank you!!! I've gotten over my initial fears and am now getting more comfortable in the blogosphere! I'll have to let M. know that as well.

Wes--thank you too. You are one of the best commentors out there--that's actually how I found your blog, because I always read your comments on Redheadmomma's.

Sean--thanks for stopping by. I have words I LOVE too--like when someone can use the word "fetching" as an adjective in a subtle, nonarrogant and nonchalant way, I am so impressed. I've never personally pulled that off, but I have aspirations to do so!

CheleTales said...

I'm with you on the comments. I can always trust that there will be comments from you and a few others -- and I love it. Sometimes I forget how many of my friends read my blog until I talk to them and they reference one of the blog posts.

Love that you are blogging and so proud of you for the five-miler. I wish I was motivated enough to get my act together.

And nevermind those pesky downstairs neighbors. Your house WILL sell and you won't have to deal with other renters any more.

Trixie said...


Good job on the 5 miles! :)

On blogging etiquette. I don't mind if strangers post or if they add my blog to their list.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :)