Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So, even though our house in Seattle hasn't sold, we have some options. Since the market here is even worse than there, people are willing to deal. One house that we have liked all along--the first one we ever looked at--is willing to let us rent the house until ours sells, however, long that may be. While we would be paying more rent than if we stay put in this apartment, at least we would be out of an apartment AND we could get all of our things moved here. While still financially draining, it would at least allow us to get settled in many regards. The rent they wanted at first was too much, but they recently came back with a reduced rate, which is only a few hundred dollars more than what we pay in this apartment. So it becomes a more attractive option.

BUT we need to make sure it's THE house and neighborhood we really want. I think it is, but I can't be 100 percent. Then again, I'm almost never a 100 percent kind of person. There are too many options in life, and I am not a good decision maker. I want it all :)

House #1 has lots of pros--great location, easy, easy commute for my husband; beautifully updated; nice guarded, gated community that appears to have lots of kids. What we don't know is how social the neighborhood is. A lot of the kids apparently go to private schools, even though the public one there is really good. But there's not that sense of community where all the kids ride the bus together, etc. if they're all going to different schools. Plus, it's just more of a status neighborhood, for whatever that's worth, and I think that it will be more of a mix of ages. So that's House #1.

Scenario #2 is another neighborhood. We ruled it out in the beginning because it is further out in the burbs, longer commute, etc. But it's right down the road from our current apartment, and I've been doing the driving for the past couple weeks. And really, it's so bad at all. I kind of like it out here. And I've been hearing lots of good things about this particular development- it's on a golf course and has tons of young kids, tons of neighborhood activities, neighbors are super friendly, super social. There's a clubhouse with a restaurant and a bar, bunco groups, etc.

I went to look at several houses out there this morning, and they're nice--really big (probably too big for us), but none are as updated as House #1, which is a custom home. And while some are vacant and may be willing to let us do the rent deal, we haven't actually gotten to that place with any of them. So getting our stuff soon, may or may not be an option.

So we're torn. Our real estate agent, I'm sure, thinks we're schizophrenic, and you know what? We are.

I just wish I could see into the future and what are lives would be like in each of these locations. I think either will be good, but I want to know which one would be best.

The other option is to just wait. Put it all on hold until our house sells. But who knows how long that could take? And I really need more than three pair of shoes!

I never in a million years would have predicted the boat we're in now. I know there are lots of people out there in the same one, AND IT'S A REALLY CRAPPY BOAT!

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redheadmomma said...

I'm sorry the house hasn't sold yet. jeez! But it sounds like those two houses you're looking at are quite lovely too....that's the thing about the market - you get screwed one side, but you get off GREAT on the other side. We had it the opposite when we sold/bought in 2005 - sold in a weekend to multiple offers but made FIVE offers in multiple offer situations when we tried to buy a house!
Hang in there - in just a little while, you'll look back and this will only be a short period in life. Keep the faith!