Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I skipped my workout this morning. My left foot has been really bugging me, my legs felt tight, and I thought I could use a day of rest. And by rest, I mean shopping.

PB has been adamant for months now that he wants to be a spider for Halloween. I figured he would change his mind a zillion times between now and then, but he has not wavered. That's fine with me, as I'm not ready for him to be something more grownup like Spiderman or a Power Ranger. I'm sure that will come in time.

But the more I started looking around, the more I found that the spider costumes were in smaller sizes, not a 4T o 5T, like we need. Pottery Barn Kids was the only place I could find, but they were sold out almost as quickly as they appeared online. I e-mailed a good friend of mine, because I know she's a resourceful shopper, and lo and behold, her son is going to be the same spider!! She tipped me off to the fact that some of the store had gotten shipments over the weekend, even though they're not available online.

So I set off for the mall right after dropping PB off, waited outside for the store to open. His size was not hanging on the shelf, but they checked in the back and viola!

He was so incredibly excited when I showed it to him, he was kissing it. Now, he just better not change his mind in the next month and a half!

In other shopping news, not so exciting. See, I'm used to buying pretty much whatever I want (within reason of course). Not to sound spoiled, but I worked hard, and that was part of the reason I did--so I could shop. Now that I'm a lady of leisure and know that everything I spend is really coming out of savings until our house sells, it's not quite so fun.

But even if I'm not spending, I still love to practice shopping. I could try things on for hours, browse, and just be in the stores. Buying more, of course, is more fun, but that will come again in time.

And my new budget is finely tuning my budget shopping skills. Just last week I was walking through Target, and I saw a dress that looked cute. It happened to be in the little girls' department, but you know what, an XL in little girls actually fits me and my short legs. So I got a darling little dress for $12.99!!! I can't wait until someone asks me where I got it!

For now, I'm compiling my list of wants for when our house sells. At the top of the list are these Tom Ford glasses:

In other news, we were very happy to see the Feds cut interest rates. Perhaps that will bring out more buyers...and I'll get my glasses (and my camera and everything else on my list) soon!!!


kiran said...

Really good posts.. Keep 'em coming!


Marissa said...

that spider costume is absolutely adorable. and i love that he was kissing it!!!! awwww! so precious.

Subservient No More said...

Love the spider outfit!! I want to be a spider now too.

And little girls sizes? Wow. I'm jealous. I always wanted to be short and tiny. Im a big amazon girl at almost 5'7". In heels Im taller than my husband.