Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Trash Talk

Although I become more and more depressed about our housing situation every day, there are perks.

One at our current in the trifecta of apartments is the trash situation. Right outside of our apartment is a box where you can put your trash and they pick it up EVERY day. I know this sounds minor, but for some reason we are a majorly trashy family. We accumulate soo much trash. And to be able to get rid of it so easily, so effortlessly, so often is bliss.

Tonight I went out to my new beloved box with bag o' garbage in hand. I opened the lid, dropped the bag and SCREAMED.

There sat/jumped/lurched some some fluffy, furry, moving, rodent thing--right in the box--the sealed, wooden, seemingly secure box! I'm quite certain it was a squirrel, although I'm not sure. I can only hope it wasn't a mouse or the three-letter R word. And only be thankful it didn't pounce on my face!

I was shaking for almost an hour after this experience. And this is on top of the freakin' snake I saw a couple of weeks ago! My heart isn't faring well.

One thing I know is that my husband is on trash duty from now on.


Wes said...

LOL. You should start feeding it and then you can NAME it :-) Unless its rabid, I'm pretty sure it was more scared of you!

Manic Mom said...

Ugh. Shivering thinking about your experience, but look on the bright side... at least whatever it was didn't stick its ass out at you and shoot you with some foul smelling skunkolicious stuff!

On another note--I was going to email you directly about your Q, but couldn't find your address... I need to lose probably 30 lbs. but I would be happy with 20... nah, who am I kidding... 30. Definitely 30 because I was 30 less after doing WW==somehow it just creeped back on when I wasn't looking--probably had my head in a bag-o-chips! : )