Thursday, September 20, 2007


There are many products, restaurants, brands, etc. that seriously should be paying me royalties. Because, as I've said before, when I like something, I REALLY like it. And, furthermore, when I like something, I want everyone else I know to like it as much as me.

So, on this fairly no-news Thursday in my life, I'd like to refer you my friends (readers) to two blogs with recent postings that I really enjoy and think you will too.

The first, is Marissa at You've got to want to be scared, then cry, then cringe, then feel a little ill, then ultimately be incredibly inspired. But seriously, she's just been through and amazing ordeal and has done a fabulous job writing about it. I'm really not sure how I found her blog (that happens to me a lot), but I'm glad I did.

Second is my new "friend" Manic Her blog is incredibly entertaining in itself, and today's post is even quite racy! But she also has a site for her novel, which is gripping and a really good read. Plus, it's right there online, so it's like a book for free. check it out here

That's about it for me. Had a great time with my college friend in town, and it didn't even rain us out. We had a great lunch at a little outdoor cafe on Park Avenue, complete with a glass of wine, which always makes me feel like I'm on vacation.

PB had swimming lessons this afternoon, which...can I be honest? are HOPELESS! I swear this child is never going to learn to swim. I'm a proud peacock when it come to my child most of the time, but really there's no use to even pretend he has an inkling of talent for this sport.

I'm sure in time (a LOT of time) he'll learn, but he's just scared and too damn analytical. "If I drown and I'm lying at the bottom of the pool, what will happen to me?" Then he clutches to the teacher like there's a big squirrel near...


Manic Mom said...

Hey SM... I just came over here to say hi and thank you for the awesome comments over at 40 Weeks, and then I see you've given me a recommendation which is so totally awesome!!!!


And I really really appreciate your thoughts/comments about how 40 makes you feel when you read certain parts.

Want the whole thing? I'll share... email me:

Wes said...

Just keep him in the water. He'll learn to swim :-) I never game my boys swim lessons, and they are like fish now.

Marissa said...

Thank you so much for this incredible recc! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it! I am really loving your blog and am so happy we found each other's sites!

Sean said...

cool, thanks for the new reads.