Friday, October 26, 2007

Beautiful Boy

Had another amazing day with PB just doing nothing. For 20 minutes we laid with our heads beneath his window, a blanket over us, watching the curtains blow. Our conversation (condensed, but you'll get the gist):

Me: I want you to remember not to get too close to that window, because you could fall out.

PB: What would happen then?

Me: You would fall down and get hurt.

PB: Would you come and get me?

Me: Yes, I would come and get you no matter where you are.

PB: Would you come get me from a cave?

Me: Yes, I'd come get from a cave.

PB: What kind of cave?

Me: Any kind of cave.

PB: What about a volcano.

Me: Yes, from any kind of volcano.

PB: Okay, I'm going to love you always.

Me: TEARS!!!

Anyway, found this video of song I've loved for years. I appreciated it and was touched by it as a teenager, now I can barely listen to it without bursting.

P.S. anyone know how I can put the whole picture from the video here instead of just the url??

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