Friday, October 5, 2007


I'm tired today. PB woke up crying in the middle of the night. I went in and asked him what was wrong.

"I'm really, really sad," he said, completely asleep.

"Why are you sad honey?" I asked, waiting for him to say because he misses his Seattle house or a particular friend or toy from back home--which he has been doing a lot lately.

Instead, he said, "Because I really want to go to the park." And that was it.
Instead of going back to sharing a small bed with my big husband, I opted to crawl into bed with PB where I could claim more space.

He woke me up various other times through the night. Once, he just said, "Mommy I love you," which was the sweetest thing.

I love sleeping with him despite all the awakenings, and I have done so quite frequently since we moved here. I know the days he's going to like me to are few and far between. So while I'm probably setting a bad precedent when I do, I really don't care. He'll kick me out soon enough.

I think he woke up so much because he's getting sick with a stuffy nose and yucky cough. It seems everyone around here has something, including my husband. I guess 'tis the season. So far, besides my tiredness, I'm okay.

No school today and we didn't really make plans, so PB and I headed to a local mall, ran a few errands, played at the bookstore, etc. Tonight I'm going out with a new friend for dinner and a few drinks, which I'm looking forward to.

Other than that, not much on the agenda for the weekend. I'd like to get in at least one good run. I ran yesterday and the day before, but doubt I'll get anything in today. Yesterday's run was on the treadmill, which always makes me realize just how slow I am. I think my goal for next weekend's race will very non-lofty (can't think of a good word for the opposite of lofty). 10 minute miles and I'll be happy. There's also a children's race after the main one, which I'm going to have PB do. They group them by age with distances between 100-400 yards, and everyone gets a ribbon or medal. Should be fun!

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Wes said...

Sub-30 is super speedy to me :-) Get some rest!!