Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween in the 'Hood

What a fun, tiring, sugar-filled day we had. We started right after school pickup this afternoon. First we took PB and his friend C to get some food. We thought perhaps getting some "real food" into them before the sugar would be wise. Plus we were trying to kill time before our husbands' work trick or treating and party began. Good thing we did that, because the only things PB ate between then (about 2:30 p.m.) and the time he went to bed, were chocolate, sugar and whatever makes up Pez. He may have gotten a little bit of apple peel in there while eating the caramel off of a caramel apple, but it's unlikely.

So the work thing was fun. He had C had a blast together and really behaved quite well. Then we had decided to go to our new neighborhood and do a little more, see what some of the neighbors were like and generally scope things out. I was really hesitant to do it, as I thought it might seem weird. But other moms at preschool all convinced me to, so we called the current owners and they put us on the list to be let into the gates (the security there is tight!).

The first door we knocked on was across the street from what will be our new home in a few weeks. The family there was so incredibly nice and welcoming. We didn't even have to introduce ourselves, as they said the current owners had told us we were coming, and they had seen our car pull up. They invited us to join their caravan and go trick or treating with them and their (our new) neighbors!

We happily accepted, and next thing you knew we both had beers in our hands, and PB was in someone's wagon with a new glow stick around his neck. We went around with three families, their nine kids and a party wagon full of wine and beer. I swear every other family walking around had wine glasses, cocktails or beer bottles. Could this be a more perfect neighborhood for me?!

They were all so nice and friendly, and there were tons of children everywhere. There were three 4-year-olds just in our group! I'm so glad we decided to go, and now I'm even more excited to move in! Now if I could just stop eating this candy so I will fit through the door.


CheleTales said...

Sounds divine!

redheadmomma said...

that's so awesome! I'm jealous! There are kids on our street, but due to my own issues & most of them existing on kind of a different social plane than we are, we're polite but have never meshed. Party wagons with beer, that's killer!

Wes said...

Party neighborhoods are so much fun. Detrimental to training, but fun :-)