Thursday, October 18, 2007


PB had family chapel this morning, so since I was all showered and made up, I decided to do some shopping. I even put my hair on hot rollers, which made it huge (Dallas hair as my husband called it), but quite cute I thought. It lasted, oh about 5 seconds after I stepped out the front door. Seriously, I could hear the wind as it deflated. I should have known the humidity would do that.

Anyway, I was headed to the Milenia Mall, but decided to make a quick detour to the new Neiman Marcus outlet first. It was A-freaking-mazing. Seriously, there was racks of Tory Burch; rounders of Velvet. There was Vince, Marc Jacobs and Marni. Rows of Nicole Miller dresses; Prada; Gucci; even Channel. And don't even get me started on the handbags--there were Chloe bags!--and the shoes--Mui Mui clogs and Faragamo flats. Oh and sunglasses, don't forget those--Chritian Dior, Gucci, Prada. ALLELUIA!

And the best part? It was not a mess like many outlets that give me a headache. It was well laid out, not crowded and organized by designer. And it wasn't last year's stuff either. I'd seen the same lines in stores this past summer. I tried on a whole room of things, and given a different budget, would have purchased mucho bueno items. But I'm trying to be good and there was nothing that I HAD to have.

Besides, my BFF is opening up a clothing store here in just a few weeks, and I'm waiting to do my splurging there. Can't wait!

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