Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Wrap

Nothing much to report from this weekend--no housing news, and I'm not posting anymore about that whole mess until we get an offer.

I got in two great runs--one yesterday--about 2.5 miles in the rain; and 5.5 miles today where I felt super strong. I'm exhausted right now, but I felt great while I was doing it. I keep looking for my next race, but haven't found it yet. Too many things going on with holidays, the move and all, so it may be January before I actually get into another one. And that's okay. Then next summer I plan to start the marathon training program.

We went to PB's school Fall Festival today. It was cute and he had a blast with a little girl from his class. They were so cute together, held hands the entire time and kept giving each other hugs. She was even fixing his shirt collar.

That's about it, I really have nothing too interesting to tell you. Hopefully tomorrow, I'll be able to report about how fabulous my hair looks. Because finally, after all this time, I'm actually getting the very, very overdue highlights I so desperately need. My luck in the hair department here hasn't been good, so I'm hoping tomorrow breaks that pattern.

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