Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Medical Mishaps

Finally, last night I was able to fast for the allotted amount of time to get my blood drawn this morning. I can't tell you hard it has been for me not to eat (or drink!) anything after dinner. So while I've had good intentions, it's been more than two weeks since I went to the internist who wrote out the order for all the tests I'm going to have done.

But last night I did it. I ate a big dinner, and that was it. I know the fact that I couldn't have anything just made me hungrier, but I had nary a nibble.

So this morning, I dropped PB off at school then headed to the lab, as ready as I ever could be to have someone suck the blood out of me. I find a parking space right away, which I thought was a good sign. The I walk in and feel, smell, see that this might not be where I want to be long. I swear everyone there was there for a drug test or for something you need when you're 90-plus years old. No offense to either population, but when I found out the wait was more than an hour, I bolted.

I tried to find another branch of the lab, in a nicer suburb to no avail. So after some fruitless driving around, I was so freaking hungry I just decided to go eat breakfast. So a fast for nothing. Oh well, maybe I lost .01 pounds.

Then this afternoon PB and I were scheduled to go back for his flu shot, which if you remember we didn't get last week because of the fluid in his ear. Well, that fluid is now green and infected. We not only didn't get the flu shot (how many negatives in that sentence?), but also had to miss swimming lessons per the doctor's advice. So off to the pharmacy we went for yet another round of antibiotics.

And while I hate the antibiotics on so many levels--primarily because of the threat of him growing resistant to them--the other pressing issue is that THEY MAKE HIM CRAZY!!!

Seriously, you've never seen bad behavior from him like when he's on antibiotics. It's taken me awhile to make the connection, even though my mother has repeatedly reminded me that all of my brothers and sister and I were the same. But it's true, oh so true.

Let the games begin...

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