Friday, October 5, 2007


Such a good dinner tonight. Edamame with green tea salt for an appetizer, followed by pork tenderloin with spinach and polenta. All good at this restaurant that does every dish under 450 calories, with good atmosphere to boot.

So while it was all good and healthy, the problem was the dessert, which I had TWO of. They come in little shot glasses and are about $2 each, which makes ordering many easy. The first I chose was a chocolate peanut butter mouse cake thing that was good. But the second was insanely good--pecan pie with a vanilla bean mousse. It was incredible, and I'll be thinking about it for days.

All that plus two great glasses of wine and an excellent cappuccino.

I'm full!


thethinker said...

I haven't had dinner yet. Reading that made me hungry.

redheadmomma said...

OMG, that sounded amazing.