Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Things I Miss

I'm really trying to be more positive about our housing situation. Because really, we are all healthy, and I have the most amazing son and husband anyone could ask for.

But I still really miss a lot of things.

I, of course, miss the big things--our friends(really miss them!), the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, driving over the 520 bridge into Seattle, the smell of the air there.

But I also mourn the little things--trivial things in the scheme of things, but MY things nonetheless (reminder: we moved here with TWO suitcases each, as we thought it would be only a matter of days before our house sold and we got our things!!!!)

So here's the list of my "things" I miss most while I'm holed up here in a "furnished" apartment:

The nightstand beside my bed. And the glass of water that usually sits there.

Having an alarm clock in our bedroom. (I know we could go buy a cheap one, but like so many things, it feels like giving into the idea that we're really going to be here awhile...)

The luxury of walking right into my house with groceries and a 4-year-old rather than lugging them both up two flights of stairs nearly every day.

The dirt beneath my house--as opposed to the floor that also serves as the ceiling to the people below. Said people tend to pound on the ceiling when PB runs, walks, sneezes, etc.

A REAL street address, which means not having to give an apartment number after your address and having people wonder WHY you are living in an apartment.

A playroom for PB. (and therefore a relatively clutter-free rest of the living space.)

All the books PB asks for that I have to tell him are "still at our Washington House"

Some of the very meaningful goodbye gifts some friends gave us that I left in Washington because I thought we would have them much, much sooner than this.

My address book.

My Cookbooks--this is a HUGE one for me.

My spices.

A bunch of CDs I desperately long to hear.

Games PB and I used to play.

My serving pieces, even though we're not doing any entertaining in this apartment. I still like to have them around.

Dishes that don't spark in the microwave (yes, those that were furnished in the apartment do).

Having more than four plates!!! and four forks, four spoons, four knifes, etc. Just imagine how often we run the dishwasher!!!

A garage.

The filled flower boxes outside my house.

Coming home and checking voice mail messages (I now only have a cell phone, and it's a little anticlimactic coming home without the possibility of messages on our home phone.)

Being able to invite people to our home for dinner, playdates, anything.

Purple chopped salads from Purple Wine Bar.

My pillow.

My bed, my sheets, my whole sleeping experience.

My garlic press.

My robe.

My shoes.

And, of course, Trader Joe's!


Sean said...

those are all excellent things to miss...

Anonymous said...

damn. i miss those things for you! how are you living?!

Manic Mom said...

Ooh, I hear ya, I've done the 'furnished apartment' living thing--ain't fun.

BTW, I have NEVER stopped in a Trader Joe's because I am afraid of the damage I may cause, and the addiction it might become.

Loved your comments at MM regarding SK.

Marissa said...

I would miss all those things too. VERY much. Those are many of the things I missed when I moved from my family house to my teeny apartment here in New York. Oh wait, I STILL miss them. I definitely relate!!

Sean said...

i need a trader joes....