Monday, October 1, 2007

Rain Run

Today I had my best run yet!

I was worried that my knee could hurt after this weekend's accident, but it really didn't at all. I did lose one of my 10-plus bandages along the way, but besides that my knees felt just fine. My neck and shoulders are still really sore, but I think the run might have helped them loosen a little.

Anyway, the temperature was great--low 80s--and what a difference that makes! I ran the whole first half of my 5-mile loop without a single walk break. Then I stopped for water, walked a few blocks and it started to sprinkle.

Then the skies opened up and it POURED. The only thing to do was to keep running home. I was really nervous about my phone getting wet and shorting out, so I was running faster than usual. The rain felt great. I ran all the way home without a break and felt great doing it. Since we moved here, it's definitely been my strongest run. Who knew that running in the rain could be so great? I should have run more while I was in Seattle!

P.S. I know some of you who know me will find it hard to believe that twice this month I'm going to plug Target clothing. BUT I bought some running shorts there that I LOVE, and I went again this weekend and they were on SALE so I bought another pair--for like $10! Seriously, they're the best.

I think the brand is Champion, they come in a variety of colors and have a great cloth lining. But the reason I bought them and the reason I love them is the POCKETS--one on each side. The pockets zip, and the zippers lock tightly when you flip them down so I don't worry about my stuff falling out. I can carry my phone, some money, my key, etc. with me and not have to hold anything in my hands. They rock.

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Wes said...

Nice run! I thought you had no choice but to run in the rain in Seattle? LOL. I like the pocket on my ING shorts I bought at the expo for ING Georgia. The zip up pocket is awesome, although I can't stand to have anything banging against my leg...